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Our stairs are stunning, inviting visual component that enriches a commercial or residential property. Whether big or small, straight or spiral, our team designs and builds the highest quality stairs to meet your needs.

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Open riser stairs have grown in popularity in recent years, offering unobstructed views across the home and a beautiful weightless appearance.
A well-designed flared staircase make an instant announcement. Our innovative and skilled staff enjoys working with homeowners, builders, designers, and architects to design and build beautiful flared custom staircases of all types and designs.
From traditional to contemporary, classic to contemporary, our straight staircases come in all styles, and our skilled craftsmen work with all materials including wood, glass, and metal.

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7 Fresh Alternatives To Carpeted Staircase


Carpeted staircases are almost a staple when it comes to home décor in America. Usually when people start to carpeting home, they also get the staircases carpeted, although it commonly costs more money due to the more complicated and complex process to install a carpet on an irregular surface such as stairs. But it also takes its toll when time passes by. It’s statistically proven that carpeted staircases causes more accidents like stairs-falls than uncarpeted ones. Along with that, with the time carpeted starts to have that outdated kind of look, which may bother most people. So here we have seven fresh alternatives for substitution of carpeted staircase, each one explained on topics. Enjoy! Casart coverings: Great options to wood stair ways, Casart’s not wallpaper, it’s a canvas-like vinyl with…

10 Types of Staircases That You Can Find Today

Staircases have been a part of the architecture for a long time. It was used to go from one floor of the room to the other. But in the modern times, the staircase has a different purpose. It is considered as a decorative element inside your home. While still serving the purpose of moving up and down different floors, it has become more of an aesthetic feature of the house. There are many types of staircases available today. Here we are going to discuss some of them. Straight stairs These stairs go straight from one floor to the next without any change in direction. There are many variations in straight stairs. You can find straight run with just one flight between the floors or straight run with multiple runs between…

How To Take Proper Dimensions of Stairs?

If you are thinking of renovating your stairs as part of your home remodeling project, then you can do it yourself easily without hiring a professional. All you need to know are some basic measurements to build the stairs. In order to make the stairs, you will need to calculate a number of things. Learn the terminology You should know that the main components of a staircase are treads, stringers, and risers. The vertical area of the step is called ‘riser’; the horizontal space is called ‘tread’. Stringers are the sloped boards that provide support and carries people’s weight when they go up or down the stairs. These stringers are spaced 16 inches on the center. It is better to make the staircases wide so that it’s comfortable to walk…

10 Types of Stair Railing Spindles

Railing spindles in stairways are not only necessary for safety reasons but also for adding character and personality to your stairways. Stair spindles have great architectural features and can demonstrate excellent craftsmanship. Stair spindles act as infill between the baserail and handrail. You can find different types of stair railing spindles in the market. It is important to pick the right one; otherwise, it might affect the look of your stairs. Here are some different types of stair railing spindles that you can choose from. Wooden You can get these in very simple designs or with extraordinary carvings. This is very economical and can be made of high quality timber like sapele or oak. You can mix classical and contemporary design to create a unique look. These spindles can be…

Top 6 Stair Surface Options For Your Home

If you are planning to renovate your home or construct a new one, you should give attention to every area of the house. Like other spaces, the stairs are also an important feature of your house and you should use the best materials to construct it. There are several options available when it comes to choosing the surface of the stairs. Here we are going to discuss some of the options.   Wood It will give you a luxurious feel when you use wood to construct the surface of the stairs. It is a very popular surface material for its durability and elegance. It can easily go along with the rest of the things in the house, like the walls and furniture. You can use creative angles to make unique…

What Is The Most Expensive Staircase Style To Build?

A staircase occupies the most prominent position of a home. If you are having an open plan layout then there is nothing more important than your staircase. For more than one-storied building, a staircase is a must. A staircase is not only functional but also makes a great style statement. The cost of staircase varies depending on the shape, style, and material. Samples of Open Plan Layout: Shape Curved stairs look very beautiful and they are the most expensive stairs to build. You need excellent construction skills to build this type of stairs. It is necessary to know the right measurements and the proper skills to curve the materials for the stairs. You can choose other shapes like trapezoid angled, landings or straight. Trapezoid angled stairs have lots of intersections….

Rules for Comfortable Stairs


A good stair should provide you a quick, easy, and safe access to various floors of a building. You need to figure out a comfortable ratio and then start to construct the staircase. From a technical standpoint, there is nothing complicated about building stairs. Anybody who has the necessary carpentry skills can make the required cuts and assemble the parts to create a staircase. But many argue that constituting a staircase is a challenging task. Building codes and safety measure must be kept in mind while constructing stairs. Our brain gets used to uniform and professionally built staircases, and a slight discrepancy between steps makes you lose control and trip. Building staircases require a neat and careful layout with proper calculations. If you miscalculate the measurements, the entire plan can…

Different Types of Stairs Commonly Designed for Buildings

Curved Stairs

When it comes to designing stairs for a building or home, there are several types of stairs to choose from; each design has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is essential to consider the structure of the building before deciding the type of staircase. The following are some of the types of stairs which are designed for buildings: Straight Stairs: The straight stairs have no change in direction; they connect two successive floors in a straight run. The straight stairs can be of many types, some of them are Straight run with a single flight between floors, Parallel stairs, straight run with a series of flight without a change in direction, Scissors stairs and Angle stairs. Advantages of Straight stairs: • These are one of the easiest stairs to go…


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