7 Fresh Alternatives To Carpeted Staircase

Carpeted staircases are almost a staple when it comes to home décor in America. Usually when people start to carpeting home, they also get the staircases carpeted, although it commonly costs more money due to the more complicated and complex process to install a carpet on an irregular surface such as stairs. But it also takes its toll when time passes by. It’s statistically proven that carpeted staircases causes more accidents like stairs-falls than uncarpeted ones. Along with that, with the time carpeted starts to have that outdated kind of look, which may bother most people. So here we have seven fresh alternatives for substitution of carpeted staircase, each one explained on topics. Enjoy!

  • Casart coverings: Great options to wood stair ways, Casart’s not wallpaper, it’s a canvas-like vinyl with a repositionable adhesive backing (thinks giant Post-It Note for your walls) so it won’t cause any damage. Choose from an array of colors, faux finishes and patterns (we’re thinking the zebrawood would be cool) and you can change out your room to suit your mood or the seasons. And, if you’re in the market for a headboard, there’s a faux padded headboard option


  • Ceramic tiles: A tileis a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, or even glass, generally used for covering roofs, floors, walls, showers, or other objects such as tabletops. They are often used to form wall and floor coverings, being used since ancient times for civilizations like the Romans and Greeks. Don’t mistake it with porcelain tiles (although it also can be used on staircases)



  • Stair runners: A different and more versatile model of carpet, stair runners are very popular among all classes of people. It can be fixed on the staircase with carpet tack or floor adhesive. Here you can use your creativity and choose a model to give the aspect you want your home to have.


  • Stairs treads: Very simple and convenient, you can find stair tread coverings in any home furniture store near you. To use it well, you first have to strip down the carpet, and fix the hardwood underneath it. Now you have to polish and clean the staircase, so you can install slip-resistant (very important for safety) and durable stair treads.


  • Simple painted staircase: Life is already too complicated, why don’t we go for simplicity and humbleness? Here’s a minimalist option for those tired of “too much information” interior design looks. Take off the carpet, clean the stair treads and make sure it’s ready to get a painting. Choose one of your favorite colors and just do it (you can paint yourself, as well as hiring a professional). This is the cheaper option of staircase reform option in this article, so you have a problem with your budget, that’s definitely the option for you.


  • Fine art design: Similar to painted staircase, but with a more conceptual and refined taste, along with more requirement of a professional work. You have a huge range of options to go on, since just plain author paintings from unknown artists, as well more stylish and debonair styles such as cubism, Dadaism, impressionism and so on. Use your imagination and choose the best options for you, remembering to quote very well to plan the budget well.


  • Numbered stairs: Speaking of creativity, you can take off the carpet and use numbers do decorate it. You can number the stair treads from crescent or decreasing order, as well as play a bit with the mind of your guests and relatives, doing a tricky disposition of the algorisms. Know More